Proving that your dismissal is due to illegitimate reasons can be a complicated and delicate issue. It is likely that any evidence that could be used against that of your employers has been well hidden or never documented. With the help of our Houston labor attorneys and their knowledge of the legal system, including subpoena order, you may be able to prove that you were unfairly fired for the following reasons: Even if you don`t have the right to get your job back, you may be eligible for unemployment benefits. You can apply for benefits by calling (800) 939-6631, visiting the local TWC office or visiting TWC`s unemployment benefits page. If you believe you have been unfairly fired, you may be able to sue your employer and claim damages. It is often difficult to recognize or prove what actions and motivations led to an illegal dismissal. For this reason, it`s often worth consulting a Texas labor attorney for free to determine whether your claim is valid or not. During your meeting, your lawyer will help you decide if it is worth pursuing your case. Most employment situations are considered arbitrary. This means that the employee is hired for an indefinite period, during which the employer can dismiss him at any time without giving reasons. Sometimes one of the above situations is a cover-up by a company for an illegal termination claim. This may include, for example, the situation in which an employee is fired for reporting commercial fraud, sexual harassment, discrimination in the workplace, or a claim for compensation. If there is evidence that the true reason for the termination is a violation of an employee`s civil rights, whether or not there is an employment contract, contact Kilgore & Kilgore in Texas for an open assessment of the claim.

Our Houston labor lawyers at Moore & Associates have always understood the importance of defending the rights of American workers. In fact, the entire firm is dedicated to issues involving employees throughout the state of Texas. When you contact our team, you`ll be working with professionals who have won achievements and awards, including: As in most other states, Texas employers aren`t always allowed to fire an employee for any reason. There are exceptions to the unlimited termination rule. In addition, you may have an illegal termination problem if you were fired despite the existence of a written agreement that guaranteed your employment. In some cases, a breach of an oral employment contract may also constitute a serious breach. In the state of Texas, public servants can only sue for unlawful dismissal if they are fired for refusing to commit an illegal act. An illegal act is any act that would give rise to criminal liability under Texas law or the laws of the United States. It is important to note that an employee who refuses to break a law that would only give rise to civil liability is not covered. However, the employer may not dismiss an employee for any reason. If the employer dismisses his employee for an illegal reason, it is called illegal dismissal. If the court finds that you were unfairly dismissed, you can receive compensation.

Most importantly, you get your job back, get a refund as well as a future salary, get punitive damages or even a promotion. It is important to note that in Texas, there is a statute of limitations for illegal termination or a period during which the person must make their claim. For most claims, the limitation period is 180 days from the date the employee terminates employment. In some cases, the time limit is extended to 300 days. If there is a written employment contract that promises an employee employment or job security, they are not considered a will-at-will employee in Texas. Implicit employment contracts based on statements defined written by an employer in an employee handbook can also protect an employee from arbitrary dismissal. For example, if a company`s employee handbook states that employees can only be fired for “just cause,” this can be considered an implied contract. If an employee is fired for no good reason, they may be able to assert a legal claim for breach of contract in this situation. If you`ve been fired and don`t think there are clear or valid reasons for it, Houston labor lawyers at Moore & Associates can help you find the justice you deserve. .