After all this, you may be wondering if a property, if it is sold under contract, will then be permanently sold, or is there a possibility that it will not be sold at all? Whether you`re looking for real estate online or offline, it`s very likely that you`ve come across this real estate agent jargon, but what does Sold STC actually mean for buyers and sellers? It is clear from the above explanation that it is clear to everyone that the existing difference between the sub-offer and the STC sold is quite explicit. Therefore, an interested buyer should not be afraid to inquire about a property sold STC. Although a property has already been declared as having been sold in accordance with the contract, it can occur at a time when: Once both parties are satisfied with all aspects of the sale, the STC phase ends with the signing and exchange of contracts and setting a date for the handing over of the keys. At this time, the buyer pays a deposit of 5% to 10% of the total agreed price and the sale becomes legally binding. There are high fees for anyone who withdraws from a sale after exchanging contracts, which means it`s very unlikely. Offers can certainly still be made in a house that is sold according to the contract. At present, there are no legal agreements. A seller could therefore tell his real estate agent that he is ready to evaluate other offers. A buyer is gazumed when a seller accepts a higher offer from another party. This may occur while the property is being offered or sold to STC, but not after the contracts have been exchanged. As a buyer, there is not much you can do when this situation occurs, except to make a counter-offer higher than that of the “Gazumper”.

This could lead to a bidding war and accept a price you didn`t actually want to pay. If you are not able to do this, you can only let the property go and look elsewhere, with the experience that this happens. If the seller receives another offer within the specified period, the seller may ask the buyer to delete the clause. If the buyer agrees, the seller can then accept another offer. This can lead to better terms and conditions for the seller. The buyer can also stick to the original terms of the contract and continue the process of selling their property, which means that the seller will have to wait until the contract term expires before accepting another offer. That`s right. In the sold STC phase, a home sale may still fail, for example, due to problems marked by the evaluation survey or because the buyer or seller changes his mind. In the first quarter of 2017, one in three home sales in England and Wales broke through before it was completed.

In real estate purchase contracts, an object clause is used to note a contractual condition. A sale of real estate may be subject to the sale of another property. If the sale of the other property does not take place within the agreed deadlines, the contract loses its validity. The simple answer to this question is yes, you can offer a house that is sold under contract. However, all this does not completely remove the list as it is still visible to all. Therefore, it is best to consider the switch to STC sold as a status update and not as a complete removal. As long as your real estate agent has verified the contact details of the buyer in question and has proof of the means by which you can buy your property, it is likely that your property will be listed on large portals as sold in accordance with the contract. While all of this is happening — and the process can take about six to 12 weeks — no contract has been signed. You are therefore the seller of a property that is now listed as being sold in accordance with the contract.

What does this really mean for you? “Under Offer” means that a formal offer has been made by a Buyer, but it is not confirmed whether the Seller has accepted or refused or not. Real estate agents typically use this term as a marketing tactic to show that there is a formal interest in a property, thus forcing other interested parties to submit a formal offer as well. .