Clutch Systems

There is no denying that clutch often gets overlooked- it is usually a forgotten part of a manual transmission.  So, numerous people must not be aware of the specified definition of clutch systems- need not worry, Tornado Auto is here to help. To be precise, a clutch is a mechanical device that soothingly transfers all power from the engine into the transmission of the automobile. Without an appropriately operating clutch, the power shifts and gear shifting becomes too complex. Let us help you understand it better- the clutch gets centered between the engine flywheel and the transmission. It often gets placed within the bell housing to save it from external contaminants.


If you are still not able to process this information, let us help you. The clutch is the essential part of the engine in an automobile, and it gets utilized to transfer rotating motion from one shaft to another shaft when needed. Undeniably, the rotating motion developed by the engine at the initial speed is way too low. Hence, it is nothing but impossible to start the engine under load. It requires the transmission system to offer a source of connecting and disconnecting the engine from the entire transmission system. You must understand that it is essential that this operation goes smoothly and without a shock to the passengers and driver of the vehicle.


At Tornado Auto, we offer our valuable clients a clutch that permits the perpetual taking of load when appropriately operated. Yes, connect with us and acquire clutches that will help prevent the jerky motion of the vehicle. With us, you will get to avoid undue strain on the parts of both- the transport and passengers. When it comes to the clutch system, we connect with some of the best brands in the industry to offer our clients the best. The brand names include- Valeo, Torandotech, Sachs, and more. If you wish to discover more about our products, contact us!

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