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Have you ever thought about how your car works? Apart from this, do you know what parts are the most essential? You must understand that being a responsible driver and vehicle owner, you should know that it is vital to have some specified knowledge and understanding about the vehicle that you decide to drive. Most of you must not even be familiar with the essential car parts, and therefore- we decided to educate you a little about the same. Following are some crucial car parts that you must gain a little knowledge about. 


  1. Axles- Yes, it is a vital body part of the car. There is no denying that without Axles, your wheels would feel certain restrictions in moving. 
  2. The Battery- The battery is vital as, without it, your car won’t even going to turn on. It is one body part of the car that you may want to keep in the best condition. 
  3. Brakes- There is no denying that brakes are sensitive and must be well taken care of. You must always be a little extra careful with the brakes. The day your brakes start to squeak when you push down on the pedal, take it as a sign. It is the time when you must start planning to get it repaired. 
  4. The AC Compressor- You can not drive a vehicle without an effective AC being in it. The AC Compressor puts the Freon into the air conditioning system under high pressure. Without this, it is nothing but impossible to sit in a closed car. 


The list is not over yet. There are numerous more body parts of the car and the lighting that you are not aware of. Hence, it is essential that for these sensitive work and replacements you get the best spare parts. Acquiring the best spare parts will help you avoid unnecessary visits to mechanics. The day you will connect with Tornado Auto, you will realize how much you are getting to save and how fine the quality of the parts is. We get celebrated in the market for offering our valuable clients car parts by renowned brands, like- Osram, Philips, Bosch, Neolux, and numerous more!

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